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Danielle. Kristelle. Elle Financial.

Did you know that stress has been linked to the development of other major health issues? Did you know that one of the ​the main stressors in life is money? We believe that financial health is an important factor in your overall wellbeing and we ​would love to take you on the adventure of improved wellness.

We are both mums with young children that wanted to do financial planning and life differently. We love what we do, but ​we also love spending time with our young families. We created Elle in the pursuit of a work-life balance and love showing ​our clients that they can do this too.

Through the use of modern, innovative technology and revolutionary internal & ethical business processes, we have created ​a financial planning solution that allows us to service our clients to an exceptionally high standard whilst ensuring we aren’t ​missing out on irreplaceable moments in the lives of our young children.

We are a female owned & run, highly compliant financial planning firm with a genuine care for our clients that values ​honesty, trust and transparency. Our duty is to our clients and their best interest.

We also don’t fit in the traditional financial planning box. We live in Tasmania, however work almost completely remotely ​meaning you can connect with us from anywhere in the world. Despite this, we are more than happy to come to you where ​required.

About US

Danielle Farrell

Launched my career in the industry in 2008.

CFP qualified. Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. Bachelor in Business.

Happy heart moments: Helping clients identify the things in life that they find ​fulfilling and bring them long term happiness, and working to bring those ideas ​to life and align their lifestyle accordingly.

Captivated by: My little fam. Caravanning. Gardening. Living in Tassie. Helping ​people create a lifestyle that brings pure joy.

Danielle Farrell is an Authorised Representative (ASIC No. 1242332) of Lifespan ​Financial Planning AFSL No. 229892.

Kristelle Robinson

Launched my career in the industry in 2011.

Masters Degree in Financial Planning. Diploma in Financial Planning.

Happy heart moments: Finer details. Living simply. Seeing & celebrating the ​success of those around me. Making my clients money work for them.

Captivated by: Piper. Glynn. My family. Netball. Staying active. The oudoors. ​Running projections based on client circumstances.

Kristelle Robinson is an Authorised Representative (ASIC No. 1250252) of ​Lifespan Financial Planning AFSL No. 229892.

Our services


Looking at investing in shares, property, or other Investment vehicles? Have an established portfolio already? We can help ​to guide you align these Investments with your long term goals.

Cashflow & savings allocation

It sounds tedious, but cashflow & knowing how to allocate your savings is such an important part of your financial ​foundation. Not only can we look at how you can utilise your cashflow in relation to debt, but it also opens doors for future ​Investment options.

Debt management

Debt can be mentally consuming, however not all debt is made the same. Lets understand what debt you have and why, ​and how we can best position this to create a low to no stress plan to reduce this.


Your superannuation fund is your retirement money box. The earlier you set up your superannuation to work for you, the ​more you’re likely to get out of it when you can access it.

Retirement planning

We’ve all thought about what retirement could look like for ourselves. It is your chance to sit back, reflect on what you have ​achieved and begin to plan for your next chapter. We want to make sure financial freedom is part of that chapter for you.

Goal setting & tracking

“Setting goals is the first step in making the invisible, visible.” - Tony Robbins.

To understand where you want to go and what you want to achieve, we work with you to set realistic goals and help you to ​track your progress.


Ensuring you have adequate cover in place is crucial in the event of trauma, illness, or death. We want to put your mind at ​ease to ensure you have enough of the right kind of cover.

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs)

Commercial property meets superannuation - a self-managed solution for those where property is a consideration.



"Couldn’t recommend these two ladies highly enough.

Thank you both for all of your amazing help!"

- Leonie Delphin

“Danielle has been managing and advising on my accounts ​since 2018 with good solid reasonable & rational, realistic ​projections on growth and financial advice. Her positive ​attitude and outstanding knowledge has set me up for ​retirement and a good understanding of how investments, ​interest and portfolios work.”

- Kyle Stennings

"We have been with Kristelle for just over a year now, and we ​couldn’t recommend her highly enough for anyone’s financial ​needs. Both me and my partner are both not very savvy with ​aspects of portfolio management and life insurance. As well ​as having a tight grip on our money and a hard time letting ​go.

Kristelle has spent so much time and showed so much care ​working with us and explaining all areas of concern. Nothing ​was ever felt as a dumb question. All answers were easily ​understood.”

- Shaun Sturzaker & Emily Edenburg-Dhu

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